The Department of Economics at UCLA has a young and active faculty whose research is shaping policy and informing the public on critical issues affecting the United States and the world. Their research covers a diversity of topics such as the origins and persistence of the Great Depression and its lessons for today’s economy, the relationship between education and health outcomes, predatory behavior in the U.S. airline industry, and the historical economic aspects of residential segregation in the U.S. and its present day policy implications. Many of our faculty have received special recognition for their body of research by election to prestigious institutions such as the National Academy of Science, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and the Econometric Society, or have received such celebrated awards such as the Nobel Prize and Guggenheim Fellowship.

Visiting Scholars

We are excited to offer students the opportunity to learn from and network with industry leaders. Each spring the department will bring a series of distinguished lecturers to share skills, knowledge, and insights with MAE students. We will announce our inaugural series of guests early in 2016 – check back for more information!

Communications Studies

A unique aspect of the MAE is our focus on the communication of economic ideas as an essential component to the program. Details on Communications Studies faculty that will join the MAE will be added as they become available. Learn more about the Communications Studies Department here!